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PP5183 International Economic Development

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Meetings: Thursdays 0900h-1200h, MM Seminar Room 3-1 (2016-2017 Sem 2)
Instructor: Danny Quah
E-Comms: D.Quah@nus.edu.sg | @DannyQuah | /DannyQuah
Office: OTH, Wing A, #02-03a; +65.6601.5506
Consultation: Thursdays: 1300h-1600h
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Course Administration

Class Presentation Procedure

To give your classmates some insight into your presentations and to increase engagement during the session itself, try to submit, by 1700h three working days before your Thursday morning presentation, one or two supplementary readings that bear most usefully on what you will say.

On the IVLE coursepage on the left side, go (under Tools) into “Files (Workbin) / Student.Presentations.Readings /”; and look for the Upload button. If you have a PDF to upload, activate or stay on the File tab. If you don't, and want instead just to submit a URL whether others can access the reading, click on the URL tab. Either way, try to label appropriately and fully what you're uploading, so others will be able to find easily what you wish them to read.

Class Presentation Schedule

The allocation of class presentations is given below. To reach this outcome, I sought to have simultaneously (a) every week should have no more than 2 student presentations; (b) students should be allocated their specified preferences, in descending order. In the event, I was able to achieve (a) no one being given a slot that they had not written down as a possibility (except for those students who had given no specification; so I had to allocate them as best I could, assuming that they were indifferent to all the different weeks—as I had no other information to the contrary); (b) nearly everyone—although, unfortunately, not all—got allocated their first or second choice.

The presentations by week are:
04 Dan WILLETT. GAN Kwang Lee
05 KWAN Jin Yao. Sarthak LUTHRA
06 Ananya GOYAL. XIAO Xiyue
07 Jared YEO. ZHANG Zheng
08 Caroline BROUILLETTE. FAN Chi Fung
09 CHAN Shermin. LI Jiahui.
10 LIN Jiamin. WU Yue
11 Nahid RASHID. WONG Chong Hon
12 Breakout session: Group presentations
13 Chiharu IMAMURA. LI Yuexi

I have indicated last name in UPPER CASE (to the extent that non-Western names have a clear notion of last name), but ordered people's names according to what IVLE presents. What IVLE takes to be last name and how it sorts students isn't always consistent with its own or our understanding. Please, therefore, check that what I've written above is right. It might not seem like a big deal to you if your original name isn't in English, and you're used to spelling your name or writing it in many different ways. But it matters for my record-keeping, and the software code I use to manage courses that I teach will fail when I don't use student names consistently.

Danny Quah
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