I’m writing a book Ordering the World: Truth to Power (manuscript only in very rough draft), my attempt to organize the different things I’ve been writing and speaking on.

cropped-2015.09.22-Danny.Quah-3d-population-cluster-side-More-People-Inside-Sourced.pngWhere is the World’s Tightest Cluster of People, that is, the smallest circle on our 3-dimensional planet that includes at least 50% of the world’s population? In 2015 that was the circle 3300km in great-circle radius centred near Mong Khet in Shan State, Myanmar, on the border with China.


WECG animation

The World’s Economic Centre of Gravity, 1980-2050

This is my 2011 animation of the global economy’s shifting center of gravity since 1980. The dots in black are 1980-2007; those in red are 2010-2049. The paper won the GPPN Best Article Prize for 2011.