Model and supermodel

Who among us wouldn’t prefer that no one giggle in lecture when we say “Victoria’s Secret supermodel”, as we illustrate a point in analyzing demand and supply curves?

I got to enjoy that rare moment of in-stride quiet reflection when I spoke about The Great Shift East at Draper’s Fashion Summit in London earlier this month.

Paula Reed - Style Director, Grazia - at Drapers Fashion Summit

Paula Reed - Style Director, Grazia - at Drapers Fashion Summit. November 2011

This came as a relief after the last three weeks of lecturing on the topic generally to a selection of China’s mayors in Beijing, Carnegie-Tsinghua scholars and PRC undercover security personnel at Beida, US year-abroad undergraduates at LSE, People’s Bank of China policy-makers, CNN interviewers in Abu Dhabi, international diplomats at Cumberland Lodge, state school students in England, and high-wealth international investors at a private asset management conference – none of whom showed the same respectful decorum.
World's Economic Centre of Gravity, 1980-2050

The Great Shift East

I also got to find out that I and Liu Wen 劉雯 (the first Asian model to appear in a Victoria’s Secret show)

Liu Wen

Luxury Goods and the Great Shift East

share a mutual friend, and not just because Facebook told me so.

Global fashion and the Great Shift East:  It’s tough to talk about but someone had to do it.
And this time I didn’t have to get in a long queue for the muffins and croissants either.

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