What did Credit Suisse know? And when did they know it?

Credit Suisse was there when AirAsia was still just a dream for Tony Fernandes

Credit Suisse was there….

Now and then people ask me how the Great Shift East can possibly be real when all the household names they have ever heard of in business are Western.

At those times I like to think about how this 12-foot high poster at London City Airport gently separates those in the know from those not.

Credit Suisse talks itself up by talking up AirAsia and Tony Fernandes.  #Win

PS  It’s true.  I took this image using my Samsung handset, and later wrote the caption as I watched SNSD on my Samsung TV, while sitting next to a Samsung notebook computer displaying shots from Aion 4.0.

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    Making heroes out of your customers is good business

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