Liberal Promise, Liberal Delusion

Projected Image and Me (via Serene Zhang)

Projected Image and Me (via Serene Zhang)

Once, we trusted the world had wise custodians, those the rest of us could respect, admire, and emulate. Those guardians gave us ideas on how we too could succeed if we followed the examples they had set: Big bold yet simple ideas on personal freedoms, rugged individualism, unbounded liberties. But the world is not straightforward like that. Economic and political life is full of tradeoffs.

Recorded Nanyang Auditorium, NTU, Singapore, Sat 08 Oct 2016

(If you can’t get to that YouTube video, you’re welcome to look at the video on my own site)

"Marry Me for Chinese Citizenship" - on stage

“Marry Me for Chinese Citizenship” (via TEDxNTU)

TEDxNTU 2016 - more than 1500 attendees filing in

TEDxNTU 2016 October: 1500 attendees filing in

TEDxNTU 2016 Oct: Lunch

TEDxNTU 2016 October: Lunch

  1. Good talk. Wonder what the results would have been if the “Liberal” promise had ended in 1942, or had never happened. If there had not been any model to show that societies could prosper without enslaving its own people, what would be like today?

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