Malaysia: New Governments and the Loyal Opposition

Malaysia’s people have spoken, and all the world sends good wishes for a smooth successful transition to an effective new government, fairly and openly chosen according to the country’s rules-based order.

Across our planet, those democracies where a sovereign heads the nation hold reverence for the concept of (His or) ‘Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition’.

With or without sovereign, this phrasing points delicately but powerfully to how every side – government or opposition, ordinary people and those effecting change from above, each political participant good and true – remains committed to advancing the cause of the nation. Holding on to this idea allows that national loyalty together with the heat of responsible, informed debate elicit the best of a responsive government, and that that in turn makes better both the nation and its people.

It would be the height of hubris and folly to suggest one universalist model for all societies. That arrogance is not the proposal here. Every nation needs to find its own optimum point where opposing forces just balance; every society needs to work out what it needs most at what point in its own developmental trajectory. What might be best for the UK need not be so for Malaysia; what might succeed for the both need not do so for yet a third.

But for now, Malaysia, many congratulations and safe journey as your government delivers on its promises, attracts informed debate, and keeps responsive to the people.

Benjamin Weustemaat's Leviathan

Leviathan. Image by Benjamin Weustemaat








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