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I write here about different subjects, but more and more, against a background of the global economy continuing to shift from west to far east, the writings show a distinct focus on the economics of world order and Asia, and on how the Pacific Century is taking shape.

[The listings here are distinct from my CV (or its non-English Appendix).]

Almost all my online writings are in English. It is there that 99% of my traffic goes after coming here.

But with the help of friends and students at NUS, LSE, and PKU I have a small (but I hope growing) collection of writings in 中文.  I also maintain background notes on the data I use and my software programming here.

Frequent brief items will appear on my Facebook wall or on my Mastodon, LinkedIn, and Instagram feeds instead. More technical, conventional writings are listed on my, automatically git-updated from my local (offline) machines.

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The curated selection below is that that I most frequently update:

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Apr 2017 Can Asia Lead the World?” South China Morning Post

Dec 2016 The Geopolitics of Populism” (with Kishore Mahbubani) Project Syndicate

Nov 2016 “New Age of Anxiety as Trump Strikes Security, Trade Deals” (with James Crabtree) Straits Times

Sep 2016There Are Many Reasons Why Development Must Not Fail

Aug 2016 Should Basic Economic Principles Determine World Order?WC1E

Aug 2016How America Might Yet Prove LKY Wrong: Why Offshore Balancing is Economically Sensible But Can Do Even BetterGlobal Policy

May 2016An Economic Perspective on the International System: Demand, Supply, and a Rational World OrderGlobal Policy

April 2016The World’s Tightest Cluster of PeopleGlobal Policy

04 February 2016Why is AIIB Interesting in Fukuyama’s War of Models?

19 January 2016Is China’s Collapse Finally at Hand?Asia House UK

17 October 2015A Realistically Dangerous Southeast Asian Neighborhood”, The Edge

19 August 2015How China’s Rise is Revealing the Cracks in US Claims to Legitimacy as Global Leader”,South China Morning Post

11 August 2015“美国世纪”结束后怎样?-What Happens After the American Century?”, Guancha Syndicate

07 August 2015国际关系学应引入经济学“看不见的 手”-The Invisible Hand in Economics and International Relations”, Guancha Syndicate

05 August 2015Going Rogue: Malaysia and the 1MDB Scandal”, The Diplomat

09 July 2015Economics Might Be a Dismal Field But Try International Relations

08 April 2015 改革措施得力 经济增速合理-China’s New Normal: What These Reforms Might Achieve” (originally published China’s People’s Daily 02 April 2015. English version “China’s New Normal and the AIIB” 09 April 2015)

30 March 2015Lee Kuan Yew: An Appreciation. He Broke the Model.” The Malay Mail, 30 March 2015 (“李光耀提供了西方治理的替代模式FT Chinese, 23 March 2015) (DQ site version, 23 March 2015)

18 February 2015The Simple Arithmetic of China’s Growth Slowdown” Brookings Future Development, February 2015 (“中国经济减速可怕吗?两道算术题帮你得出答案Guancha Syndicate, March 2015)

24 January 2015 世界希望中国展示领导力-The World Needs China’s Leadership” (originally published,China’s People’s Daily, 30 January 2013)

23 January 2015中国必须考虑的平衡–Rebalancing China’s Concerns ” (Interview by Wanjun WU, China’s Money Weekly, Nanfang Media Group. Originally published Dec 2012)

23 January 2015大男子气概”的经济学需要更多的包容–This needs to be more inclusive, less fuelled by machismo” (CDS Interview – Part 2)

16 January 2015反思:当初竟用了”经济增长和经济学”这类惨无人 道的无聊标题–Just how insanely boring can someone make something that’s actually so important?” (CDS Interview – Part 1)

15 Nov 2014Convergence Determines Governance – Within and WithoutBrookings, November 2014

10 Nov 2014Chinese Lessons: Singapore’s Epic Regression to the MeanWorld Bank Future Development, November 2014 (“中国经济放缓不可怕,”FT Chinese, 15 December 2014)

18 August 2014Look to Asia for the Rebirth of Democracy”. World Economic Forum, August 2014 (“民主重生还看亚洲,” Guancha Syndicate, 03 October 2014)

30 July 2014It Is Not Easy Being The Leader Of The World”. Global Policy, July 2014

24 July 2014The World Needs New Leadership Not From Those Whose Lives Have Been Easy, But From Those Whose Lives Have Been Hard”. Global Policy, July 2014

23 July 2014How We Choose Our Political Leaders Tells the World a Lot About Us”. Democratic Audit, July 2014 (“如何选择全球领袖:美国主导的单极世界vs.国际公务员机制,” Guancha Syndicate, 20 October 2014)

18 July 2014This Growth Model is Just Not Sustainable in the Long Run”. Global Policy, July 2014

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Global Policy [archive]

Economics, Democracy, and the New World Order - TEDxKL 2014.08.09

Economics, Democracy, and the New World Order – TEDxKL 2014.08.09

(If that youtube link doesn’t work for you – because you’re behind some GFW, say – try this.  But please go to Youtube first.)